Broken down into five 45-60 minute sessions for small group study, this study gives couples the essential tools they need to improve and enrich their marriage. Utilizing DVD clips from Dr. Gary Chapman's widely popular conference series, small groups will dive deep into discussions regarding key topics such as:

·       Communication 101

·       Understanding and expressing love

·       Initiating positive change

·       Making sex a mutual joy

·       How to share the things that bug you

Group Type: DVD with discussion

Cost:  $10

Group Length: 5 sessions

*There is an optional Marriage Vision Retreat available with this group in November 2015.  Please contact leader for details.

 Leaders: Steve and Laurel Bruhl

Leaders: Steve and Laurel Bruhl

Steven and Laurel Bruhl began attending Fallen Timbers in 2008 and have been leading small groups together over the last 15 years of their marriage. WIth 5 children at home they tend to focus on marriage and family study groups and typically meet in their home in Bowling Green. Since many couples involved in marriage and family small groups have small children, they are typically are able to provide child care in their home during the meeting times. Steven and Laurel believe that building strong small group connections are essential to spiritual growth and are always open to new group members. Steven is a cardiologist at Mercy Tiffin hospital and also has a minor in Biblical Studies from Cedarville University and Laurel has put her degree in family studies to good use as a stay