This is a play date for moms to bring their preschoolers to hear a Bible story from a kid-friendly Bible, play, and complete a craft/activity.  It will be a relaxed and encouraging time to talk about how life is going and share prayer requests.  We will have a snack, coffee, and water but feel free to bring your own drink or snack for you or your child.


Group Type -  Bible story for Toddlers with prayer time

Cost - No Cost

Group Length - 7 sessions

 Leader:  Angela Strickland

Leader:  Angela Strickland

Angela Strickland lives in Waterville with her husband Brett, their two year old daughter and nine month old son. Angela and Brett moved here from Oxford, Ohio where they both taught school and learned together what being a part of a loving local church looks like. Their family moved to the Waterville area in 2012 and love taking advantage of all the local family friendly opportunities.  Angela is looking forward to this play date group for the encouragement that comes from moms coming together to share what is going well, and how they can lift up each other up through prayer.