Through biblical teaching and real life application, this study teaches that believers do not have to live in weakness. God is stronger than every struggle you will ever face. All who receive Jesus Christ have been hidden in Him. We have been made alive in Him through the forgiveness of our sin, filled in Him with all the fullness given to Him, brought near to God in Him, and blessed with every spiritual blessing in Him.

Group Type: DVD with discussion

Cost: $13

Group Length: 7 sessions

 Leader: Julie Ryan

Leader: Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan started attending Fallen Timbers Community Church in the fall of 2006.  She and her husband Jeff lived in Chicagoland prior to moving to Ohio.  Jeff and Julie have three terrific children.  They have a daughter in kindergarten, a son in first grade, and a son in fourth grade.  Julie enjoys spending time with her family, walking, and working on craft projects.