The Homeschool Moms group will use the study "Secrets Jesus Shared."  This study helps believers better understand what the kingdom of God is and will be. In this six-week interactive Bible study, readers will explore the secrets of the kingdom of God as revealed in the parables Jesus shared. The study consists of five daily lessons for each of six weekly topics. Each lesson helps readers understand what the kingdom of God is and how to release its power in their lives. This is a stand-alone study with content based on Scripture exposition.  

Group Type - Discussion and prayer time

Cost - $15

Group Length - 6 sessions

 Leader: Jenna Ditzig

Leader: Jenna Ditzig

Jenna Ditzig has been married to Matt Ditzig for 10 years.  They have two daughters: Sophie and Sabrina.  Jenna has a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering  and a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering.  She worked for Case Western Reserve University doing materials research and then for First Solar in Perrysburg before becoming a stay-at-home wife/mother.  Jenna enjoys homeschooling Sophie and Sabrina, playing keys on the worship team and teaching a biology lab to high school students in their homeschooling co-op.