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October: Series "Broken"

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October: Elijah and Elisha


October: Elijah and Elisha

It's time to sign up for the christmas program! 

The Christmas Window Part 2-          "a night at the mall"  

Sign-ups for the christmas program will run throughout the month of october. Kid central and DDOGS (1st-6th graders) can sign up to be in the drama and musical. there will be rehearsals for the drama and singing chorus for the musical in november. 

Kid Konnection kids (3 years-Kindergarten) can sign up to sing 2 songs with their class. 

sign-up lists are available in both classrooms. One rehearsal Dec. 7.

It's gonna be fun and there's a spot for everyone!!  come 'on kids-sign up!!!

email any questions to-